The craziest 2021 Copa América final takes place here. Argentina vs Brazil in the video game Captain Tsubasa: Rise of new Champions.

eye! Tonight at 2:00 a.m. SPAIN time, we will have the 2021 Copa América final on the great Ibai Llanos’ Twitch channel . But we have the craziest final with the Argentina vs Brazil match. Like the Eurocup or UEFA Euro 2020 final between Italy and England.

In these areas it is customary to play video games like FIFA in service, but we are different. That’s why this time instead of playing FIFA, FIFA 97 from Mega Drive, the big Super Side Kicks or World Cup Italia 90, we caught up with each other by group to make this Argentina vs Brazil the Bandai Namco video game, Captain Tsubasa: Rose of New Champions for PlayStation 4.

Captain Tsubasa: Rose of the New Champions

The latest video game from our dear Oliver and Benji released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC Master Race almost a year ago. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of new champions is a fully arcade soccer video game in which we have several game modes. Over time, new DLCs have been added, updates that have added more story modes, characters and equipment.

But the big deal with this Bandai Namco video game is still online. From day one, Rise of New Champions is virtually unplayable in its online mode. In the beginning, when we reached the silver rank in the leaderboards, in order to continue playing, we had to change the game to English. To this day, there are still blunders hanging over what could be the best arcade soccer video game.

If you are interested, in  we have an analysis of the video game in its version of PlayStation 4. From this link you can access it and read the opinion that I had (and that I continue to maintain ) on this video game.

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