Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney after it emerged that the company was releasing the new film ‘Black Widow’ – in which she plays the lead – simultaneously in theaters and via their streaming service. The 36-year-old actress had contractually agreed that the film would first appear exclusively in cinemas, because a part of the profits would go to her. But now that viewers can also watch via Disney+ at home, that amount is considerably lower. And because this agreement was included in Scarlett’s contract, the actress decided to take legal action. 

Lawyer Matthew Belloni meanwhile expects Johansson to set an example for other actors, Mail Online reports. Like “Black Widow,” for example, “Cruella” – starring Emma Stone – was also released on Disney+ at the same time the film hit theaters in the United States. She would also like to take action now: “Emma Stone is weighing her options,” said the lawyer.

To object

Actress Emily Blunt – currently seen in ‘Jungle Cruise’ – had already objected to Paramount’s decision to release her film ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ earlier than agreed on their streaming service Paramount+. And last Friday, actor Gerard Butler filed a lawsuit against Nu Image/Millennium Films, claiming he owes at least $10 million in profits for the 2013 action film “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Disney called Scarlett’s case ” sad and disturbing. ” According to the company, Johansson’s action is “an insensitive disregard for the horrific and long-lasting global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic” and she has already received $20 million (€17 million) for her work. She would therefore already have been “amply compensated” for releasing the film on Disney+. 

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