The Crown Season 4: Review is the best yet.

The Crown, a political drama series from Netflix, is currently in its fourth season, which covers the late 1970s and all of the 1980s. Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), Britain’s longest-serving Prime Minister, has risen and fell during that decade, becoming known for her uncompromising approach to politics and pretty much everything.

The Crown Season 4

Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) is the second newcomer of the season, whose marriage to Prince Charles has been hailed by British tabloids as a fairy tale. A prince and his unmistakably attractive young wife. This was, of course, before reports of their adultery and other marital issues started to circulate (in the same tabloids, no less), resulting in their divorce.

In some ways, the Queen is less dominant this season than she was before, both in terms of global affairs and the drama that unfolds. Both Princess Margaret and The Duke of Edinburgh have been largely overlooked. New additions, luckily, more than makeup for this.

Gillian Anderson is still as excellent as Margaret Thatcher, and her portrayal of the late leader of the Conservative Party is dangerously close to becoming a stereotype. She neither looks nor resembles Thatcher, but her exquisite imitation of a few slight mannerisms makes the interpretation incredibly real.

Thatcher’s conduct in The Crown would not confuse someone who knows his past. She is, however, the most compelling character this season due to the characterization and insight offered, as well as Anderson’s performance.

The Crown Season 4

Emma Corrin, however, is the star of Season 4 of The Crown. It was a wise decision to choose Corrin, a newcomer, like Princess Diana, and it shows. Without making or even attempting a direct impression, the fresh-faced actor grasps the intricacies of the role (like Anderson).

This is a richly documented performance, and the director and writer deserve a lot of credit. We’ll never know for sure what Diana was like in real life, but she’s written with empathy, as are all of the other main characters in The Crown. She can stray from her public image here, but The Crown has always favored drama over precision.

The Crown reached its peak in its fourth season. It’s as beautiful and opulent as ever. The performances were all exceptional. To top it off, the series has once again managed to strike a balance between major events and personal human drama.

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