Actress Kate Bosworth announced her divorce from her husband, director Michael Polisch. For fans of the star, what happened was a real shock. Bosworth was married to Polish for eight years, and before that, the beloved had been dating for two years. The couple seemed very solid and real to the fans. Lovers often appeared at social evenings together, holding hands.

On Friday, August 6, Bosworth announced that the happy tale was over.

“Our hearts are full, as we have never been so deeply grateful to each other as in this decision to part. Over the past ten years, Michael and I have always chosen love. Today we hold hands as tightly as we did on our wedding day. We now look at each other even deeper and more boldly. In the process of parting, we came to understand that our love will never end. The bond cannot just disappear. Love is getting stronger and the heart is wider, ”she said on Instagram.

What caused the incident, Bosworth did not tell, but noted that she would continue to work with her husband and retain the warmest feelings for him.

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