Britain is bidding farewell to the Duke of Edinburgh as the funeral of Prince Philip, the wife of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on April 9 at the age of 99, will be held at St George’s Chapel in the Tower of Eden.

The funeral ceremony will begin at 5 o’clock in Greece with a minute of silence throughout the country. The funeral will follow the wishes of Prince Philip with a military structure which welcomes “his courage and faith”. The choice of music and hymns to be played is also his.

Only 30 people will be present at the funeral due to the regulations imposed because of Covid-19. These include the Queen, all senior members of the royal family, including the Duke’s grandchildren, and members of Prince Philip’s family, including Bernhard, Crown Prince Baden, and Prince Philip of Philip.

Members of the royal family will wear formal morning attire with medals. The queen will stop at his coffin to say goodbye to her husband for more than seven decades before his burial. No member of the Royal Family will read or speak at the funeral.

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