Production on the third season of The Boys is underway, and filming has been going on long enough that one episode is almost done.

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The showrunner and creator of the series Kripke He went on Twitter to reveal that he had seen the cut of the director of the first of the season using a gif Alastair Adana to Goran Visnijc in season finale two at the exact moment his head explodes.

The message was clear, the episode is amazing. “‘Real footage of me watching the director’s version of #TheBoys episode 301,” Kripke tweeted. “I think something really special is waiting for you. And crazy. And special “.

This is just Kripke’s latest joke on the new batch of episodes, after showing a photo of newcomer Jensen Ackles on set. Kripke and Ackles worked together on the long-running Supernatural CW series for the first five seasons with The Boys marking their first time together since then.

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Ackles will take on the role of Boy Soldier in the series, a character loosely based on Captain America in the original The Boys comic book. However, Ackles’ version of the character will have one big difference, a giant beard that fans aren’t used to seeing on the actor.

The first 2 seasons of The Boys air on Amazon prime . It’s clear when the third season will air, but the cameras are still recording.

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