It is fortunate to be able to tell, after the experience, how well a beauty trick has worked for you . You cannot always boast of having had the wisdom to find that infallible tip, but if, in addition, the person who gave it to you is a person for whom you have great affection, its value increases due to the sentimental burden that it carries implicitly. It happens to Emilia Clarke and it shows when she tells it. Great pride is glimpsed when you recognize the effectiveness of the advice you have inherited from your mother , an expert in skin care, and your grandmother.

She never tires of pointing out how right her mother was in asking her not to touch her eyebrows . “My mother imposed three rules on me that I should never break: do not try drugs, do not have sex and do not touch my eyebrows . The children laughed at me for how thick they were and she kept telling me that when I was older I would thank her . And today I give them to you. Thanks to that contribution of wisdom, today Emilia Clarke wears thick eyebrows that enhance the expressiveness of her gaze with great prominence in her features. And it is not only a trait of admirable beauty, but also a A fundamental asset in the world of interpretation. As a child, her mother recommended lubricating them with Vaseline and combing them before going to bed., a routine that the actress continues to repeat every day at bedtime.

Together with the advice of Jennifer Clarke (her mother), the actress has burned the ritual with which her grandmother has positively influenced her (in beautys terms ). Again, the cold is revealed like an ace up its sleeve to take care of the skin and enhance any treatment it receives. “My grandmother was very interested in storing the tea spoons in the fridge . She often also kept the moisturizer , face masks and eye contour in the fridge. It’s great because it does what you really want it to do, get rid of puffy eyes. “, explains the celebrity.

A specific care for the skin, a successful eyebrow styling … if something is missing it is a touch of makeup . And there, again, his mother appears as a source of wisdom. What he taught her is, although it seems obvious, to put makeup on her eyelashes to make them as long as possible. “My mom taught me, and this sounds really ridiculous, that when you’re applying mascara, it helps a lot to think about the end of your lashes . I promise you get a little more length doing it. It will be a matter of putting them into practice to find out if these beauty tips actually work, although for the eyebrows you don’t need much testing. Thick eyebrows are a trend and the best canvas on which to work a careful design.

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