In the Jurassic World film series, some of the dinosaurs are taken from the previous franchise, Jurassic Park. But not everyone had a base, some of the lizards had to be made by the creators of the new story themselves. And one of them turned out to be extremely difficult to perform.

In total, 27 dinosaurs were involved in the latest installment of the franchise, which was called “Domination”, 10 of which have never appeared in past films, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The process of creating a pyroraptor turned out to be the most time-consuming.

“Pyroraptors were really complex and took the longest to develop because we didn’t have any basis for them,” said Colin Trevorrow, director and screenwriter of the film. “We needed to understand how feathers react to wind, ice water and other elements.”

To get it right, the team collected feathers from around the world and built an animatronic (mechanism that imitates the movements of a living being) to experiment with the play of light on the feathers.

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