An alleged leak advances the closure of the PS3, PSP and PSVita PS Store before the end of next summer.

Everything ends, guilty. The face without wrinkles, life without reggaeton and, of course, also digital stores. In this case, and if the sources are correct, it looks like we would be talking about shutting down the PS3, PSP and PSVita PS Store .

The news is given by The Gamer. According to them, a source close (and which they claim to have contrasted) claims that the digital stores of Sony consoles would cease to have features this year. To be exact, before the end of summer.

In theory, this announcement will officially arrive at the end of this March, but the dates are already “sealed”. The end of the PS Store would be July 2 , in the case of PlayStation 3 and PSP. A little later, on August 27 , it would be the turn of the PS Vita.

But what about my games?

What exactly does it mean when stores close? Well, from those days it would no longer be possible to access stores to digitally purchase the content that was there. In other words, DLC, packs or games . This has happened before with the web versions of the PlayStation online store. It has been a while since you can buy PlayStation 3 games on it. However, if you access it from the console , it is still operational.

This permanent closure would result in the end of digital sales of these consoles. But a question arises about this. Okay, I can’t buy any games, packs, or DLC, but what about what I already have?

Well, it’s something that’s in the air right now. Remember that this is just a rumor circulating through the networks at the moment. A very plausible rumor, why are we wrong, that 4 years ago the third Sony desktop console ceased to be manufactured.

The point is, we hope Sony has some sort of solution to this problem. Either now, when they decide to close these stores, or in the distant future. Especially since, given what Microsoft has built in its XBox ecosystem, where it unites consoles (of all generations) and the PC, it should be something to offer users …

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