Comedian Garik Kharlamov voiced one of the characters in the cartoon “The Adventures of the Tsar”. The film was released on May 19. The Comedy Club resident shared this news in his Telegram channel .

“The story is beautifully drawn, and it contains the meanings we all need: about the importance of family support, about the ability to take on any challenge when they believe in you. I am impressed by the main character, who, in general, is not an athlete at all at first, but, having decided for himself to win the Olympics, he shows both incredible willpower and character, ” wrote Kharlamov.

It is known that the cartoon was created by the Armenian director Hayk Saakyants. The picture tells about the royal family, which decided to take part in the Olympics. The narrator of the cartoon will speak in the voice of Kharlamov. Also, the voice of Grant Tokhatyan, an actor known from the TV series “The Last of the Magikyans”, will sound here.

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