The rights to “The Heifers” have been “going from hand to hand” since 2008, said the book’s author Sergei Minaev, adding that the long and complicated history of the adaptation of his bestseller is associated with constant cancellations and rescheduling of filming.

“And now, thanks to the alliance of three most powerful producers – Slava Murugov, Dani Sharapov and Petya Anurov – the shooting of the series began,” said the popular writer on his Instagram.

“The Telki” will be included in the line of “more originals”, representatives of the service reported on Instagram, sharing at the same time other details of the ambitious project.

The main roles will be played by Milos Bikovich, Oksana Akinshina, Paulina Andreeva, Lyubov Aksenova, Alexey Kravchenko and many others, and the plot of the original will be changed and adapted to modern realities. Instead of glossy magazines – Telegram, instead of SMS – messengers overflowing with compromising evidence, and new iPhones will replace push-button mobile phones.

The series will tell about the life of Andrei Mirkin, the head of a PR agency. Women stand behind the career growth and rich life of Bikovich’s hero, and at one point all their “dirty” secrets will climb out, trying to drown Mirkin.

In the comments on Minaeva’s Instagram, fans of the book are glad that she finally made it to wide screens, but the cast seemed to most people at least controversial:

“Thank you for not having Alexander Petrov”, “Well, again, the same faces. The same is true, only the actors move from the film to the film “,” One and the same camp wanders from series to series, while a lot of actors graduate from schools. “

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