Fans noticed the star’s strange attack on her ex-boyfriend’s wife.

Selena Gomez found herself in an extremely uncomfortable situation. The singer was caught trolling by Hailey Baldwin, the wife of Selena’s former lover Justin Bieber. The actress had no choice but to ask for forgiveness, as well as promise to remove the video.

Gomez and Bieber broke up a long time ago, but fans still harbor hope for a reunion of the couple. The fact that celebrities are no longer together, some fans still blame Hayley. Her social media posts are full of comments from haters who call Baldwin a homemaker.

But this time, the dissatisfaction of the fans caused the behavior of Selena. Gomez posted a video on TikTok showing off her skin care products. Everything would be fine, but only at some point she raised her eyebrows, as Haley often does in her beauty blog. Selena was immediately accused of making fun of her opponent’s facial expressions.

Now Selena has come under a flurry of negativity. She had no choice but to apologize for her behavior.

“Guys, I have no idea what exactly I did wrong, but I apologize for this. I didn’t have bad intentions. I will delete the video soon,” she said.

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