In an interview with “Teletheatis” magazine, Chris Stamoulis spoke about the experience in Survivor , while he did not hesitate to accuse Panos Kalidis and Triantaphyllos .

How did you see what happened to the food and the Rose?

It is hard to be in such a game, where the lack of food is essentially the most difficult part, your team finding food and having you outside. It is not possible for nine people to eat and you not to eat. Alexis and I had experienced it when we ate the penalty, because our team had done the same. It is too difficult.

Didn’t they think this might cost them? People commented on it negatively.

Hunger alters character. From where we start as civilized, due to exhaustion and hunger the defenses fall and we become a little tougher and fiercer. Therefore, some things we do not think about. And if you want to follow a strategy you can not, many times you forget that there are cameras, that people see you, and you operate with the feeling of that moment.

Did you expect the voluntary departure of Panos Kalidis?

I think he completed his goal, raised the money he wanted, plus the fact that he was tired of the game. So I was expecting it, but not so soon.

Do you think he was wronged by the attack he received?

When I was a candidate, I used to say that Panos is weak in competition and James and the others defended him. And as soon as I left, James started saying what I was saying. To expel me, he followed a strategy defending Panos. Then Panos went with Sakis, and he said what I said. But I do not think he was wronged, because he was the weakest player in the game.

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