During this weekend’s event, the company confirmed more Surviving Mars content for 2021.

Paradox Interactive left us with a surprise during the minutes they were making announcements last night. And is that few of us expected more to Survive the content of Mars for 2021. Not for 2022, wow. It just felt like the game was already closed.

However, the company has confirmed that work on the Martian strategy game has resumed. It is in the hands of Abstraction and it will leave us with some interesting things. On the one hand, a new building pack for domes and on the other hand a free update with tourist upgrades. And beware, these two will be released tomorrow. That is, March 15.

As we said, there is one that is free. This is going to include a number of upgrades that players have been asking for for some time. These include tourist vacation stays, safaris and hotel upgrades. As for the paid content, it will cost € 4.99 and will add eight constructions and technical improvements to bring more life to the dome on Mars.

However, beyond these improvement and update packages, the company revealed that there is quite a bit of expansion in development. It does not yet have a release date or details on its content have been given, but it will arrive in 2021.

This way, the title, which released exactly three years ago on PC and PS4 , will have new content and more expansions. If you haven’t played the Strategy title, take a stroll through the Epic Store as it’s free this week. This way, you can take advantage of the free packs and determine whether the trip to the Red Planet is worth it or not. Although seeing the political calculation we have here, I haven’t given it much thought.

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