Recently, the wife of the famous singer Ozzy Osbourne Sharon complained about the consequences of plastic surgery. She stated that after a facelift, one eye became noticeably larger than the other. The disgruntled woman compared herself to a cyclops.

The situation was commented on by plastic surgeon Vladimir Plakhotin . He recalled that facial asymmetry is a completely natural phenomenon. It’s just not noticeable in everyday life.

“As a result of the operation, it does not go anywhere! Because the task of plastic surgery is not the correction of facial asymmetry. Her tasks are to rejuvenate, remove fatigue from the face, ”the specialist specified.

The doctor also explained how people after surgery begin to look at their face in a new way.

“After the operation, we show photos before the procedure and they clearly show that there was already asymmetry. It’s just that a person gets used to it and does not notice it. And after the operation, asymmetry and other details of the appearance may be more conspicuous, ”the expert told News.

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