It seems that our history would not be complete if great women did not appear in it, who changed the world with their inventions and actions and made a real revolution of consciousness. Who are they?

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Surely every woman knows who Coco Chanel is. This great woman had a huge impact on 20th century fashion and was ahead of her time – her ideas are relevant even now.

The CHANEL brand is a symbol of elegance, style and good taste. The legendary perfume Coco Chanel No. 5 is sold in the world literally every minute. Chanel has radically changed the way women dress.

Not many people know, but it was thanks to her that clothes for ladies appeared, with which there was no need to wear a corset. It was she who brought the low waist, imitation pearls and beach pajamas into fashion.

Perhaps her most significant invention was a clutch bag with a chain or strap that can be hung over the shoulder. It is surprising that none of the fashion designers of that time had thought of this before.

Marilyn Monroe

This woman seems to have become the world’s first sex symbol. In the middle of the 20th century, the sexual revolution began on the territory of the United States. Probably only Marilyn could become her ambassador.

Viewers will forever remember the legendary scene with her in the cult film The Seven Year Itch, when Monroe’s heroine’s dress soars up due to a sudden flow of air, and she holds it with her hands and smiles.

Then it drove all the men crazy. Half a century later, that same Marilyn dress was sold at auction for $ 4.6 million. The popularity of the actress all over the world has reached a record peak.

In addition, she constantly worked on her own image. Some are still convinced that it was Marilyn who came up with the “gold standard” of the figure – 90x60x90.

Lady Dee for her time became a real icon of charity, a symbol of hope and love, but in her personal life she never found satisfaction.

In her youth, Diana dropped out of an elite Swiss school to work as a teacher in a group of one of the kindergartens in London. However, fate prepared for her a completely different role.

She met her future husband, Prince Charles, while still in Switzerland. Their wedding ceremony in 1981 was seen all over the world.

“I am very glad that I got married. Next to me is a person who takes care of me and pampers me. I became the happiest woman in the whole world, ”Diana told her family in her letters.

However, their family happiness fell apart in 1996. The queen herself insisted on divorce. At the same time, the people’s love for Diana was so great that she even surpassed her ex-spouse in terms of confidence from citizens.

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