Elon Musk may not have even planned to buy Twitter, which he is currently suing. The billionaire could arrange this whole scandal for the sake of hype.

Lawyer Janis Yuksha believes that everything Musk does is artificial things that have nothing to do with real life. The lawyer said that the word “humanity” is no longer worth anything in the West.

“I have strong doubts about whether he was going to buy Twitter. It seems to me that this is just a PR campaign that makes it possible to discuss this topic.

Elon Musk is a product of his society, so to speak, completely deceitful, cynical, where for the sake of scandal and dubious profits they are ready to do anything,” Yuksha told PopCornNews.

On the eve it became known that the businessman was going to file a counterclaim against the platform. According to journalists, the billionaire gains time, which will reduce the cost of the transaction.

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