Steven Spielberg

Throughout five decades, Steven Spielberg has delighted us with a great number of films which, whether through crass realism or with a certain emphasis on science- fiction and fantasy, have managed to establish themselves as the one of the entertainment industry’s most acclaimed filmmakers.

Now the so called ”  King Midas of Hollywood “, He was about to tell a story inspired by none other than his own life. According to information from the Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg wrote the screenplay for this project with Tony Kusher , with whom he previously collaborated on the ” Munich ” Y ” Lincoln ” tapes .

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Spielberg will direct a story loosely based on her childhood and adolescence in the state of Arizona, confirming that the production will feature the performance of Oscar nominee Michelle Williams . Filming is scheduled to take place this summer and its premiere would not take place until 2022.

Among the details that have managed to escape the story is that the protagonist will not be called Steven and so far it has not been confirmed that this is a story to be set in the 1950s and 1960s, a time when the filmmaker spent his childhood and adolescence.

The production is described as “moderate budget drama,” whose director would work with the sides Williams for testing camera for young players, one for children and one for teens protagonist.

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His most recent recording was “  Ready Player One, ” which is an adaptation of a novel written by Ernest Cline , considered by many to be the “Holy Grail of Geek Culture ”. Its remake of the musical “  West Side Story ” was heavily affected by the pandemic, so its premiere was postponed until December of this year.

Despite having made the first four installments of the franchise “Indiana Jones “, It has been confirmed that the filmmaker will not be part of the fifth installment, so the saga will continue under the direction of James Mangold , director acclaimed for his work with ” Logan ”. Spielberg he will limit himself to acting as a producer.

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