Lucasfilm announced a series of follow-up hit animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars A surprise was successful last year. Now there’s finally more of the new animated series with a new Star Wars: The Bad Lot To See Trailer – Star Wars Day May 4 on Disney + will go to debut.

What is Star Wars: The Bad Batch about?

As the title suggests, the story is about the known Bad Batch, also known as Elite Unit Clone Force 99 . This is a unique, elitist, and experimental clone unit created by the Kaminoans as super soldiers in the Clone Wars.

Clones of Cloning Unit 99 must find their way through a rapidly changing galaxy. The members of the Bad Batch are made up like a unique force of clones, genetically different from their brethren in the Clone Army. Each of them possesses extraordinary skills that unite them to be particularly effective soldiers, known and known for their unconventional methods.

They made their first appearance at the start of the final season of “The Clone Wars”. In their own series, the elite Bad Batch embark on daring mercenary missions at a time after the Clone Wars and the transition from Republic to Empire as they fight for their existence and seek a new purpose.

Bad Batch members include:

  • Hunter as the leader of the elite unit he has increased sensory perception and can perceive electromagnetic signals.
  • echo is one of the bravest clones who enjoys being raised by others to strictly follow orders and rules.
  • Reticle is an excellent unit sniper and can see incredibly far thanks to his mutation.
  • Tow Truck has incredible physical strength and with its steel muscles far surpasses the incredible strength of regular clones.
  • Tech has a more delicate construction compared to other clones and is the expert in technical devices.

Reunion with Fennec Shand and Saw Gerrera

In addition to the Clone Warriors, there is also a reunion with one known from “The Mandalorian” confirmed Fennec Shand , played by Ming-Na Wen (“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”). The elite mercenary has worked as an assassin for numerous criminal syndicates across the galaxy.

Additionally, the trailer reveals that such a young Saw Gerrera will play an important role in the series. Andrew Kishino of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” once again lends him his voice. In addition, the character should also be known from the movie “Rogue One”, here he was played by Forest Whitaker.

The new series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” is based on the movie “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” and, like other animated series, comes from mastermind Dave Filoni. His team includes writer Jennifer Corbett and fellow producers Athena Portillo, Brad Rau, Carrie Beck and Josh Rimes from the series “Star Wars Resistance”, “Star Wars Rebels” and “The Mandalorian”.

Star Wars: Bad Batch on Disney +

The new animated series “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” will launch on May 4 (May 4) exclusively on the Disney + streaming service. At the start of the new production a Special 70 minutes of the series . From May 7, it’s a new episode every Friday see.

To put it in Hunter’s words: “Buckle up and enjoy the ride!” “

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