Malik Bowker must keep 100 feet away from Kendall Jenner, her home, her workshop and her car at all times. In addition, he may not contact her physically or electronically. He is also forbidden to find out her address. The contact prohibition applies for five years. 

Kendall already had a temporary contact ban, but that has now been extended. Malik is said to have made plans to kill the model. Kendall was told this by a Los Angeles Police Department officer. Malik had plans to buy an illegal weapon, shoot Kendall, and then kill himself. The man is said to have been known for kidnapping. After he was arrested, he was admitted to a mental institution. 

It is not the first time that Kendall has had to deal with stalking. Earlier this month, she filed for a restraining order for a man who had entered her home naked and tried to dive into her swimming pool. The man was charged with trespassing. But once released from prison, he also tried to enter sister Kylie’s home. Kendall then decided to move.

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