On April 9, Manchester United played with Everton, and Cristiano’s team lost, and the star player himself was also injured. On the way out, he knocked the phone out of the hands of a boy who was taking pictures of the outgoing players and on the occasion decided to capture Ronaldo’s injured leg.

Mom was upset about this, she even posted a whole post and attached a photo of a bruise (it’s really not so easy to see it, but still). The woman was very upset by the behavior of the football player, at the same time talking about the problems of her son (probably hinting that healthy children can be beaten).

However, Cristiano himself has already apologized on his blog. But this is not enough for the mother of the child. There is no doubt that the “victims” will sue him more than one million. In the meantime, the British organization Save The Children, where he has been a global ambassador since 2013, has already managed to delete the Portuguese from their lists. UNICEF has not yet decided whether to deprive the player of the title of ambassador.

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