Square Enix confirms the launch date of NieR Reincarnation in Europe. Next month we will be able to download it.

After having had some success in Japan and on the Asian continent in general, we finally know the Release date of Deny Reincarnation , the new opus of the mobile saga, in the West. It will be from July 28, 2021.

We expected an announcement to be imminent after the reservation period opened, and it was. IGN has recovered the exclusivity where Square Enix and Platinum Games were quick to detail the launch date of this spin-off of the Nier saga, which will be a free game with in-app purchases, which can get upgrades or objects faster.

More than 300,000 people have pre-registered for the game since then and those who had already registered on the App Store or Google Play will have an advantage, since they will get the in-game currency with a certain number of gems, for get summons there. .

As new pre-registrations are added, the publisher will add more rewards for the starting point.

NieR Ré [in] Carnation, its definitive title, is a turn-based RPG that follows the line of previous installments and we will take control of a girl who awakens in a realm called The Jail. To get out of there, she is helped by a ghost named Mama who helps her in order to find her lost memories.

The game is overseen by the major licensees, along with Creative Director Yoko Taro, Composer Keiichi Okabe, and Producer Yosuke Saito. The success was such that in Japan, it exceeded 10 million downloads in a few days.

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