Hollywood star Julia Roberts has been married to cameraman Daniel Moder for 20 years. The actress considers kissing the secret of their successful marriage.

Family psychologist Natalya Panfilova, in a conversation with PopCornNews, commented on the importance of tactile contact in long-term relationships. The expert confirmed that kissing is an important ingredient in a happy marriage.

Any animals are so arranged that they touch each other, signaling that this is a close creature. In human relationships, bodily contact is one of the main powerful facets, the specialist shared.

“Long-term relationships are a tricky thing; a person’s values ​​and guidelines change with age. It is important not to cling to the old, but to look with curiosity into the new period of marriage and consciously strengthen what can be strengthened, and look for new points of contact, ”said Natalya Panfilova .

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