A new State of Play will air this week – find out when and where to watch the livestream here – but it’s not the E3- esque blowout that many were expecting. Instead, this will be mostly dedicated to Deathloop, with a sprinkle of third-party and independent announcements to boot. There will be no God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West or next-gen PSVR .

So when can we expect the next full-fledged PlayStation showcase ? Well, as has become the habit of the format owner, there’s no roadmap to look forward to – but the maker has hinted at more news in the coming weeks. “Stay tuned throughout the summer as we’ll have more updates soon,” teased PS Blog’s Sid Shuman.

Sony has become impossible to predict lately, so we really can’t tell you if it has a major event in the pipeline or not. This new inventory should at least provide at least a few welcome updates on third-party titles, giving us something tangible to look forward to – even if it ultimately isn’t what many expected.

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