It’s not much of a surprise anymore, but Sony will apparently skip Gamescom 2021 next month, as the organization is keeping its ritual silent. Apart from a few cameo appearances when Geoff Keighley keynote Day games summer , the company has completely avoided the digital version of E3 2021 – and it does not appear that it will participate either his counterpart German.

This year’s Gamescom will be a digital affair, but the organizer says a bunch of partners have signed up including Nintendo , Xbox, Electronic Arts, SEGA and Ubisoft – all big, so, aside from Sony Interactive. Entertainment. We read the list three times and even tried CTRL + F just to be sure – no, not there.

To be fair, the press release is worded in such a way that more might be added at a later date, but don’t hold your breath. Like last year, Keighley will be hosting a live event called Opening Night Live, which many of the aforementioned partners are expected to attend. Sony, presumably, is too busy washing its hair.

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