Marvel’s blockbuster mini-trailer has just been released, but has already broken viewing records and excited a huge number of viewers.
However, as soon as the wave of joy from meeting with their favorite heroes subsided, the fans took a good look at what was happening and remained at a loss.

This is not a minor flaw that is difficult to notice. Taika Waititi seems to have missed an important plot twist: in the trailer, Thor has both blue eyes and looks normal, while the god of thunder got an artificial brown prosthesis in the course of the Thor: Ragnarok storyline.

It is unlikely that such a blunder is an accidental flaw – after all, Taika Waititi himself filmed Ragnarok. Plus the scar is in place. Fans immediately built a theory that Thor is actually in Valhalla after death.

It will be possible to check the veracity of the speculation already in July – the release of the picture is scheduled for this month.

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