Singer Madonna, at 63, does not plan to cool her ardor and continues to have fun, as in her youth. Some admire her, others criticize her for permissiveness.

American rapper 50 Cent posted on his personal page a photo of Madonna in sunglasses in a pose with legs spread. He also posted some pictures of aliens, hinting that the celebrity reminded him of fantastical humanoids. The artist wonders why the singer allows herself such candid photo shoots.

Madonna loves to shock the audience. It seems that her children have learned this from her. Recently, the adopted son of a celebrity appeared at a boxing tournament in a dress, surprising many with this choice of outfit. The star mother who came with him flaunted in a tracksuit and posed for the paparazzi.

The famous rapper was so outraged by the behavior of the singer that he devoted an entire post to Madonna.

“I hope she didn’t force one of her children to take this photo. Someone tell her to calm down at 63,” wrote 50 Cent.

Photo by Legion-Media

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