Tik Tok is the hottest video sharing app around, at least among young and old alike. Inside, content of all kinds is spreading virally, from video recipes and dances, creative challenges and numbers to magic or comedy. However, some users of the app have been using it for another purpose for quite some time now: looking for a soul mate or at least a partner for a romantic date – just like it would be on dating apps like Tinder.

Cnet has rounded up the stories of some of these camaraderie-seeking singles on TikTok , but the stories all have several traits in common. Video sharing app is used to send video messages to other users. In these special tiktok, the protagonists describe themselves trying to showcase their own characteristics better and explain what they are looking forin the eventual partner: some want to know the woman or man in their life, others need to find a +1 for a wedding invitation, others just hope to have a good day when the anti-covid restrictions allow. There is also no shortage of those who do a tiktok to try to find a mate or a mate for their friends, i.e. doing as a sponsor .

In any case, the hope is clear: that TikTok’s algorithms will send the video produced among those recommended for users, make it go viral and therefore make it appear before the eyes of as wide an audience as possible. Those who respond to advertisements usually do video in the comments or using the application’s duet function – and at this point, the author of the original video should simply contact the pretenders to understand if between the two there enough chemistry to organize a meeting. The most striking case was that, in February, of a real marriage celebrated between Internet users who met on TikTok in this way.

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