Director Valeria Gai Germanika announced the sale of her documentary Emelianenko about an MMA fighter on the Avito service for 50 million rubles. The director hopes to attach the creation to a private collection.

Film critic, host of the program “Kino began” on “Moscow.FM” Roman Grigoriev told in an interview with the PopCornNews portal whether there have been cases of selling films through the Avito service before and whether this was done just for the sake of hype.

“This is an isolated case. All for sale! Next to the old boots and the garage is a cinema. She definitely decided to earn some attention in this way. This is a good PR move. Maybe someone will buy, ”the expert said.

Grigoriev also explained why Germanika requested 50 million rubles for the documentary. The film critic ironically noted that the graphics for this picture were probably ordered in Hollywood, and the fee for a big, not low-budget athlete needs to be paid.

“Was it a boy? Maybe there was no movie. April 1 has long passed, but someone will not calm down in any way. I can’t say anything worthwhile about this, because it’s some kind of hat, ”film critic Roman Grigoriev spoke about the announcement .

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