Sofia Pavlidou

In an interview with Real life, Sofia Pavlidou wanted to refer to the abusive behaviors that have taken place in the theater.

In fact, on the occasion of her participation in “Farm”, the well-known actress stressed that society was not ready to talk about the impact of the situation with harassment.

More specifically, she said that:

“It’s a situation that would not happen if the theaters were open. No one could speak and that would have an impact on his colleagues and thus bring down a show. I used to feel an action and I had an immediate reaction. Then I felt that society was not ready, at last some people took out the pain they felt inside, my mind did not go to so many colleagues and, in the case of the former director of the National Theater, my mind did not go at all to the fact that we would be in front of so many Revelations! It is shocking, all this pain of all these people is sad, and even more shocking is what has happened to children. Now Justice must take an active role. I have worked harmoniously with Petros Filippidis, Costas Spyropoulos and George Kimouli.I was lucky because I did not see these behaviors that my colleagues complain about “.

In closing, Sofia Pavlidou said:

I lived close to Evdokia Roumelioti, who really suffered in the show with Giorgos Kimoulis, from whom she resigned. We played together in the series “You will find your teacher”. At that time she had spoken, but no one had supported her. The rumors “There are many in the field and you can not stand alone in them. And to have heard something, if the one who has suffered it does not come out to speak, you can not speak.”

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