Scandalous Ezra Miller still does not get out of the abyss of high-profile events. At the same time, Warner Bros. does not seem to be going to cancel the premiere of The Flash, where the actor played a major role. An unexpected and funny theory has been proposed on the Web as to why the tape is still in service.

Ezra Miller is mired in scandals. The actor is suspected of beating and corrupting a young girl, as well as kidnapping an unknown woman and her children. And the day before, the artist was officially charged with burglary. It would seem that it’s time to bring the presumptuous Miller before the court, and cancel the premiere of the film “The Flash”. But no one knows where the actor is hiding. Users believe that the release of the film is a cunning plan of the studio.

“Looks like The Flash is so good that even if Ezra Miller kills someone, the movie still won’t get cancelled,” “The real reason The Flash does get released is to catch Ezra when he appears at the premiere, ”said users on social networks.

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