Smaragda Karydi was invited via skype to “Pame Danai” and talked about her adventure with the coronavirus, however fortunately she did not need to be hospitalized.

At first she said: “I am very well now, I have done both molecular tests and they have come out negative. I overcame it completely. The difficulty is how you do not know how this will develop. Fortunately I was not hospitalized. I was home and had a lot of fever “Fortunately for a few days I did not have an underlying disease, so the odds were on my side, but you never know.”Remaining Time-0:01FullscreenMute

In fact, she stressed that she was out for 20 days in total and is happy because she did not stick to any of her acquaintances and associates. “Fortunately I did not catch anyone. I was very careful in the shooting and there we take all the measures. I do not know where I grabbed it because I went to some places for some jobs I had. I was always cautious, but it needs attention,” she said. “I did not stick to anyone, do you know how happy I am for that?”

Finally, he referred to the return of “Celebrity Game Night”, saying: “I feel very good that it is coming back. It is a very smart game. Fortunately we start again renewed. We have gone out in the garden and we will have many new games there.”

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