With an impressive ten seasons total, “Smallville” conquered a loyal legion of fans who, between 2001 and 2011, followed the adventures of Clark Kent in his youth week after week, long before assuming his identity as Superman. powerful and important characters from DC Comics, who built the image of the superhero as we see it today.

The series written and produced by Alfred Gough and Milles Millar starred Tom Welling as Clark, who had to assimilate his newfound abilities and his own alien identity in the provincial town of Smallville, Kansas, while facing to the problems of an ordinary human being.

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“Smallville” also starred Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, Clark’s lover Erica Durance, who began her appearance as Lois Lane in season four and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, his best. teenage friend and eventual nemesis, developing this complicated fraternity / hate relationship until the end of production.

“Smallville” is still remembered by fans, who celebrated Welling and Durance’s brief appearance in 2019 with their cameos in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the The CW series macro event set in the Arrowverse. , and everything seems to indicate that it will not be the last we will see of them.

Tom Welling recently made a video for a fan on the Cameo platform, which was quickly shared on Twitter . Briefly, the actor explained his intentions to revive “Smallville” through an animated series, commenting on the following:

“Michael Rosenbaum and I are currently working on an animated series to bring these characters to life and use as many members of the original cast as possible. Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret and we’re still working on it ”.

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“Smallville” featured an infamous rule in which Clark Kent was prohibited from stealing or wearing his costume during its broadcast, something Welling indicated he was willing to change in case Superman could count on an appearance at the alongside the Batman version played by Robert. Pattinson.

Because it sounds like an unlikely situation, “Smallville” ‘s return through animation could pay off, especially after the series continued its story in the comics released by DC until 2015. For now, Warner Bros. executives have neither confirmed nor denied these claims.

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