The football player’s wife believes that the fashion for thinness has passed.

Known for her slender figure, Victoria Beckham admitted that she would not mind getting a seductive booty and big breasts.

The designer recently released a new collection of clothes VB Body. In the line – mostly outfits for curvaceous girls. The trend obviously says: skinny beauties are no longer in fashion. This opinion is shared by the wife of a former football player.

The former member of the Spice Girls believes that the former beauty standards are outdated. The circle is full of women with different figures, and each has something to emphasize.

“Modern women want to look healthy and curvy. Being thin is a strange desire. I don’t want to. On the contrary, I dream of lush breasts and buttocks – so my outfits would look much better on me, ”quotes the Grazia star .

Beckham added that her mind has changed a lot during the pandemic. At that time, she was in hot Miami and saw a large number of seductive women. The girls were not thin, but without clothes they looked incredible, the performer noted with admiration.

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