Red Sky premiered this Friday on Netflix under great expectations because it is a series from the creators of The Money Heist and for having posed a new plot. In addition, three women as protagonists assumed a program with a feminist and inclusive approach . However, different opinions marked the opposite and even the prestigious newspaper El País of Spain assured that the story is an “alibi for machismo and violence” . What do you think?

The plot of the series is based on the life of three prostitutes who try to escape their pimps after having violently confront them . The scenes recount the past of young victims of trafficking who go through hardship until they reach the nightclub where they are imprisoned. While the focus is on female characters, the way of approaching them generated more controversy than expected .

In addition to revealing the deep conflicts they have Wendy (Lali Esposito), Coral (Verónica Sánchez) and Gina (Yany Prado), Sky Rojo shows the harassment, rape and mistreatment that must be supported by both clients and the bosses. The show portrays this harsh reality without sparing sex scenes, nudity and discriminatory phrases.

For the country this situation “transforms every slap, every humiliation and every threat into a spectacle” already the series in an ideal opportunity “for a spectator who satisfies a fantasy with this explicit and implicit violence against women” . In an article published this Friday, he objects that this violence and sexualization of the characters is mainly channeled towards women.

Analyst Juan Sanguino compared Sky Rojo to the slasher genre because “Under the subterfuge of empowering one last girl, she slaughtered all the others half-naked . ” The newspaper predicted that the series would be a success anyway, but assured that “The enthusiasm with which the camera is cruel to its actresses can no longer be noticed . ” Finally, he condemned: “The cold that it causes is not a moral question, but a question of good taste” .

Criticism is strongly opposed to the initial proposal of the series, presented as a way to make visible the tragedy of trafficked women. In fact, one of its stars like Lali Espósito is an ardent defender of feminism and in an interview with Infobae she spoke in the tone of the program: “The solitary thing this plan has done, past entertainment and fiction, fortified my assessment on the frightfulness, the gesture of all. “

Likewise, Yany Prado told Cosmopolitan that “obviously” Sky Rojo has a feminist message. “These are three women who are doing combating for their chance regardless of various irksome and shockingly cataclysmic conditions. And they continue to stand tall, strong, with their heads held high, and to fight for the right that we should all be free. “ , He assured.

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