The second heir of Khloe Kardashian has not yet been born, but he can already be sure that he received a lucky ticket to life. Only for his birth, the model gave an unthinkable amount.

Khloe Kardashian stunned with the announcement that she was about to have a second child with her cheating ex, basketball player Tristan Thompson. The model wished to resort to the services of a surrogate mother. According to the Mirror , Kardashian decided to take this step out of fear of ruining her figure. On the way to this, she was not stopped even by the exorbitant amounts that she had to pay for the whole process. In a conversation with the News portal, lawyer Andrey Aleshkin revealed all the cards and spoke about the features of surrogate motherhood in the United States.

“I think the minimum cost for a surrogate mother in the US is $200,000. But it seems to me that this is not the limit. Biological parents can pay such an amount only for the surrogate mother to agree to their terms. This cost is added to the management of pregnancy, tests, observations, ”the expert shared his opinion.

According to Andrey Alekshin , in America, an agreement between biological parents and a surrogate mother is concluded through an agency, which is punished if one of the clauses of the agreement has been violated.

“Any healthy woman over 18 can become a surrogate mother. The contract prescribes the procedure: how the care will take place, the restoration of the surrogate mother after childbirth, the procedure for transferring the child, as well as the amount of payments, ”said the lawyer.

However, residents of not every state can use this service.

“In the US, the attitude towards surrogacy depends on the state: in some it is allowed, and in some it is a crime. For example, in Michigan there is a law, for violation of which there is a fine of up to 50 thousand dollars or five years in prison. In the state of New York, surrogacy is prohibited altogether. But in California, this is a friendly attitude – there the services of surrogate motherhood can be used by any citizen, regardless of his sexual orientation and marital status. I would recommend Chloe to have a child from a surrogate mother in California, ”the specialist emphasized.

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