33-year-old journalist Erin Lee Carr directed the new Britney Spears documentary for Netflix, Britney vs. Spears, for a reason.

It turned out that the girl went through a story that was very different from the story of the heroine of her film. Erin was born into a difficult family. Her parents had big problems with illegal substances and, as a result, lost their rights to their daughter.

Only when Erin was six years old, her father David Carr underwent rehabilitation and was restored to parental rights. And her mother was never able to quit addiction and eventually died.

After that, David literally became a new person. He married another woman, got a job and did everything to provide Erin with a decent future.

Thanks to his efforts, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree and then continued her studies in Europe. Her father passed away a few years ago. Erin later dedicated the book All That You Leave Behind: Memories to him. This is a touching tale of how her father changed to atone for the sins of his youth.

Now Erin Lee Carr will literally take a look at a very different relationship between father and daughter. For the film, she researched Britney’s personal life over the course of a year. A high-profile trial between the star and her father left no one indifferent, and Carr’s film will shed light on new details of the story.

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