Sissy Christidou watched Christina Kondova’s post on Saturday morning, obviously excited, through her show , announcing her decision to become a foster mother and then officially adopt little Eida from Kampala.

The presenter of “Ela Hamogela” without being able to hide her emotion, said that it is something she knew long ago, since she is connected with a close friendship with the fashion designer, while then she revealed that she will become the godmother of little Eida .Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

“I want to say that she is a shocking mother, she is more of a mother than many mothers who have given birth to many children. Christina is my sister, she is not just my friend and I have lived this journey with her from the seed born in her mind I want to tell you that I will be Eida ‘s godmother. “I have followed it, I talk to her constantly when she is there and with Eida, of course. This little girl is a wonderful creature, full of joy and life,” said Sissy Christidou, among others.

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