Costas Sommer and Valentina Papadaki were invited to “Ela Hamogela” on Sunday and talked about the arrival of their first child. However, Sissy Christidou also referred to her own unfortunate pregnancy.

The reason for this was the unfortunate pregnancy of Valentini Papadaki last autumn.

Specifically, Valentini Papadaki said: “We realized that where we said it, they told us that” it has happened to me, and it has happened to my friend “. “In general, it is very common.”

Then Sissy Christidou said: “I also had an unfortunate pregnancy, my third pregnancy. And when this happened to me, I was shocked by the statistics, which I later understood. And you carry it, this is the truth.”

“We were sure that this would never happen to us,” said Costas Sommer.

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