Popular singer Katy Perry tried herself in a new role.

Perry will voice the lead character in the animated musical Melody. The project will be directed by Jeremy Zag, who previously worked on the superhero cartoon Ladybug and Supercat.

The film tells the story of an aspiring singer who sets off to conquer the New York stage. The audience is waiting for an incredible adventure filled with humor and quests, as well as songs performed by Katy Perry.

The singer sees in herself a lot in common with the main character of the picture. She admits that she still struggles with self-doubt, and when she went alone to achieve fame in Los Angeles as a 17-year-old girl, she, like Melody, was rescued by her imagination and love of music.

“Melody is a great character who knows herself, she went through the struggle of losing her sister who becomes a spirit guide. She’s going to the big city and she’s feeling very lonely,” Perry was quoted as saying by Deadline .

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