TV presenter Ksenia Borodina “cursed” the first wife of Kurban Omarov. The other day, the businessman suddenly met with the ex-wife, who gave birth to his son Omar. The woman Kurban showed on his personal page on Instagram. In the frame, the ex-husband and wife laughed loudly and contagiously, Kurban hugged his first wife by the shoulders. They looked as if they had never parted.

In a commentary to Borodina, informers immediately ran up and reported everything to celebrities. The TV presenter seemed to be on the verge of rage.

“Do not accept other people’s children anymore, do not treat them as your own, they still will not treat you sincerely, live only for their children! The first wife is already laughing at you, and this can be seen in his Stories, and she has no gratitude for her son in your direction, only gloating, ”Borodina said.

“Well, it’s not worth it. My conscience is clear. This is not the level of intelligence and my vital needs, ”Ksenia tried to justify herself in front of the audience.

It is possible that very soon Omarov will return to his first wife. Borodina intends to seek her happiness again.

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