The developers of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1 , Frogwares , have released an exclusive gameplay video for the upcoming game .

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Featured as a ‘story-based crime thriller’ on the Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1 Steam page, the game explores the famous detective’s origin story while investigating the mysterious death of his mother.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1 takes place in an open world, with decision-making elements and multiple game mechanics. Research . Combat has also been introduced and appears heavily in the game’s video.

The video also features a young Sherlock changing his disguise and trying to sort out some issues.

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The main quest will continue its journey to find its mother’s killer, but Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1 will feature over 30 side quests that can be explored at the player’s discretion.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1 will release on PS4 , Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC via GOG, Steam, and Epic in 2021.

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