Megan Fox is increasingly quarreling with her fiancé. The couple’s relationship is far from ideal.

Recently, Megan Fox and her fiancé Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly) are often unhappy with each other. The euphoria of the first year of the relationship passed, and problems began.

“She feels like she is dating an adult child. Megan does not like that Coulson is constantly jealous of the men she talks to, ”the insider tells The Sun.

Although the lovers announced their upcoming engagement, and according to rumors , the star is in an interesting position, the future of the couple is not so rosy.

“They both feel pressure from the public. Their relationship is on everyone’s mind. They are a bright, interesting couple, followed all over the world. But friends are sure that Megan will put an end to this relationship, ”summed up The Sun insider.

Psychologist Natalya Naumova is sure that all the problems of the actress’ fiance are connected with complexes.

“If a person is confident in himself, confident in his abilities, then when a close, beloved person communicates with others, this does not cause jealousy,” the expert shared with the PopCornNews portal.

A confident person accepts and protects both himself and his partner. Only in these conditions can harmonious relationships be built.

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