New HBO development – the adaptation of the best-selling Italian writer Elena Ferrante “Days of Solitude” – had to be canceled. Natalie Portman was supposed to play the main role in it – a woman named Tess, who for the sake of her husband left all her dreams, and he left her.

However, right before the start of filming, the actress left the project, citing “unforeseen personal circumstances”, without providing any additional information.

On the Web, they are wondering what the reasons for Portman’s departure are. Most agree that the alleged pregnancy of the actress is to blame. This year she has already dismissed such “accusations.” In February, the paparazzi launched a rumor that the star was in position, to which they received a rather harsh response from Portman herself on her Instagram.

The channel’s management did not look for a replacement actress, having decided to close the project. The official statement also expresses gratitude to the entire film crew, whose work was in vain.

The director was supposed to be Maggie Betts (“The Novice”), and she also adapted the book for cinema.

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