Jennifer Aniston lashes out at colleagues who “do nothing at all.”

The “Friends” star spoke about the stars, who, in her opinion, were promoted only thanks to the Internet and successful PR. Among those were Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton. In response, users unleashed a wave of negativity on Aniston and promised to “cancel” the star in Hollywood.

The bullying that erupted against Jennifer Aniston is nothing more than a one-time action. The success and talent of the 53-year-old star has long determined her position. Producer Pavel Rudchenko shared this opinion in an interview with PopCornNews .

An experienced producer considered that behind the scenes, the opinion of Jennifer, who fell under the distribution, is shared by many, including those in show business.

“There will be no bullying. There will be dissatisfaction among the fans of those individuals whom she inadvertently attacked in her statements. This one-time anger of them will soon subside, because the professional community understands that there is some truth in her words, ”the expert believes.

Aniston’s career and reputation are also not threatened by negative comments. The former Brad Pitt climbed onto Olympus, from which she is unlikely to be thrown off.

“I don’t think it will affect her much. Behind her is talent and everything that we put into the concept of “professional artist”. It has this integral part, which is supported by a professional community, a fan base and a bunch of filmed films. All this together gives undeniable authority, ”Rudchenko said.

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