Charlize Theron was able to reveal the terrible details of her childhood only years later. In addition to the tyrant father who terrorized the family, the future Hollywood diva endured the bullying of her mother.

According to the 47-year-old star of the Explosive Blonde, Gerd’s mother often beat her daughter for misconduct. It all started with swearing, which developed into assault.

At the same time, the celebrity does not blame the mother for anything, but even admires this woman. Theron believes that the parent raised her personality. She sincerely believed that she was too lazy, so she deserved to be punished.

“Mom has always been an example for me. I learned a lot from her, especially how to take care of your beauty. I don’t know who else causes me so much admiration, except perhaps Nelson Mandela, ” quotes the star Marie Claire .

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