The scandal between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is overgrown with new details. Actress Whitney Heard’s sister accidentally spilled the beans about what the Aquaman star did.

Johnny Depp claimed that during another conflict with his wife, she cut off his finger phalanx. However, the actress denied this in court.

Apparently, after a quarrel with her husband, Amber called her sister. She, having heard how the actress crippled Depp, could not contain her emotions. The conversation of the sisters was heard by the head of Whitney Heard – Jennifer Howell. She told reporters new details of the incident.

“She screamed, ‘She cut off his finger, she cut off his finger.’ And then she ran out the door and said, “I need to call someone.” And she went out the door and called someone. I don’t know who she called,” Howell told Distractify .

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