A year ago, Sharon Stone announced on The Drew Barrymore Show that she would no longer go on dates. The actress explained her decision by the fact that she lost faith in the sincerity of people and it is more interesting for her to spend time alone with herself or in the company of loved ones. However, thanks to the work of the paparazzi, it became clear that the star did not keep her word.

On the eve of the Los Angeles premiere of the film “Licorice Pizza” by Paul Thomas Anderson. At the after party of the event, Sharon Stone was seen and not alone, but in the company of a stranger, which is confirmed by photographs shown by the MailOnline portal .

The publication, referring to insiders, reports that Sharon Stone and her companion took a separate table and had a nice time together. The star left the party with a stranger. The media are trying to establish the identity of the man who was with the actress, and they suspect her of an affair.

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