Sharon Osbourne (68) has filed a complaint with the American channel CBS after she was fired for alleged racism. As the presenter of The Talk, she defended Piers Morgan after claiming that he “didn’t believe anything” from Meghan Markle’s interview

Sharon Osbourne plans to seek compensation after the sudden dismissal from the channel. Osbourne defended Piers Morgan, arguing that his right to free speech was not being respected. She was subsequently accused of racism by her colleagues, as was Morgan herself. “I don’t agree with everything he says,” Osbourne snapped. “I am pilloried for having a friend who people think is a racist. Apparently I am automatically a racist too. ” 

Sharon now wants to be paid for the two years that were normally included in her contract. The price tag would be around 2.30 million euros. 

Piers Morgan, who herself had to leave the show ‘Good Morning Britain’ because of his statements about Meghan Markle, defends her. “Her dismissal is a disgrace and a black mark on CBS’s reputation,” he wrote in a response to Instagram. “Bullied out of her job. Because she defended me against a made-up claim of racism, because I refuse to believe a liar. ”

‘The Talk’ was no longer broadcast since March 12, to cover up the aftermath of the scandal. The program returns on April 12, but without Sharon. 

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