This time, the famous performer found an interesting excuse.

After being released from custody, Britney Spears went into all serious trouble. The performer began to actively publish pictures in which she poses completely without clothes, occasionally covering the most intimate places with the help of emoji.

A few weeks ago, Britney told fans the good news – she is expecting a baby. But the stomach has not yet had time to round off – the fans have already noticed this from the next “naked” frames. The actress admitted that during pregnancy, her desire to share candid shots and undress became even more acute for her. Probably, this is how she prepares subscribers for the next stream of spicy photos.

“My hormones are acting weird. I want to jump out of the car and run naked like Will Ferrell’s character in Old School. Yes, a pregnant woman running past – just don’t pay attention to me … ”, she said on social networks.

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